posted on: Monday, 31 December 2012

as it is new year's eve, i decided to share the few resolutions i have decided to challenge myself to complete in 2013.

love what i have. there is no denying that as soon as payday rolls around, the things i 'need' come to my mind within minutes. over the past few years, i have acquired quite of lot of things that have been used once and then put in a corner or at the back of the cupboard. books, perfumes, films, you name it. i've seen a project called 'love what you have' floating around and i thought it would be a perfect resolution.

read 20 new books. and by 'new' i mean new to me. as i mentioned in my last resolution, i have so many books sat on the shelf that haven't been picked up. i'm not going to force myself to read the whole  book if i don't like it, but after every couple of books, i will do a overview and let you know some brief thoughts and my favourite of the bunch. i used to go through books like it was going out of fashion until i took english lit for a level and it really sucked the life out of reading for me. i want to fall in love with it again.

use only film for a month. i've had my konica for a few months now. i've had my instax for a few years, and in that time, they've never been my first selection. i go for the easiest, fastest method and like it. but not knowing what you've captured until you've used a roll of film and waited for it to develop is so exciting and rewarding. and there's something you get with using film that you just can't replicate with digital.

blog for a whole year. i've only been at this for a few months, but i love it. i love being creative and thinking about my life and not only sharing it, but being able to have somewhere to store the good stuff so when i'm old and grey, i can come back to therosyfreckle and read all the things i did as a young adult. seeing people enjoy the things you put out is also pretty awesome.

give. i'm definitely not an attention seeker. i like attention to be on everyone apart from me. i like doing things for others, being selfless and making people happy. my mum pointed out recently that the majority of the things on my bucket list were about helping people and making people happy. i hadn't even realised nor done it intentionally, i just automatically think of other people before myself. in 2013 i really want to help in a soup kitchen, maybe give up my christmas day to serve the homeless a christmas meal. i also want to help an old person to carry their shopping home and buy a homeless person a meal - not mcdonalds or something cheap and crappy, but an actual meal.

meet new people and learn things about them. a lot of the time, i find myself alone, cutting myself off from people. maybe that's the reason i'm not great at keeping friends. i assume they don't need to talk to me everyday or that they care about what's going on inside my head - not in a nasty way, i just don't think i'm important enough. but i really need to stop being so reclusive and actually talk to people and make conversation. i hate small talk when meeting new people, i like learning about other people and listening and helping, so when i meet new people in 2013, i want to learn things about them, from their favourite colour to their worst fear, or their starbucks order or what their handwriting looks like.

let go and be me. as i said before, i don't think i'm important to people, and as i've got older, i've stopped telling people things. not because i don't trust them, but because i don't think it's important. my mind is constantly racing with a million thoughts and i know that 99% of them are worthless, but it's figuring out the 1% that is. i also said that i'm not great at keeping friends. i know it's a problem of mine, and it can upset me when i think about it too much, but i want to learn to let go of little things. the million thoughts racing around my mind, i want to come to terms with the fact that every second is passing by and what's in the past is in the past, i am changing and the world is changing and i want 2013 to be the year that i let go of things that sometimes drag me down and start being myself. and maybe that doesn't mean blurting out every thought i have - scratch that, it definitely doesn't - but maybe it means writing them down, or telling someone something that is on my mind. i can't be anyone more that i can be me, and i will learn to be the best at it.

put it in a jar. i want to get a jar and keep it in my room. i want to collect a jar of memories from 2013 and read them out on january 1st 2014. no matter how big or small, i will scribble it down and put it in my jar and get to remember the small things that made me happy that would normally be forgotten.

what are your new years resolutions? have a great new year's eve, everyone! 



  1. This is a lovely post, I can really relate to you on many of these topics! I love the put in a jar concept, I'm going to have to give it a go! I can't wait to see what you have in store for 2013! xx

    1. thankyou! i saw a few people did it this year and thought it was such a good idea - it will definitely be something to look forward to reading come 2014 :)