winter cold in my bones.

posted on: Friday, 31 January 2014

last year i created a couple of playlists on 8tracks, then completely forgot about it half way through summer. i love having playlists on spotify, but wanted another way to share music i've been loving;

stuck on the puzzle // alex turner
bird on the buffalo // angus stone
shake // the head and the heart
everything's gonna be undone // band of horses
no. 1 party anthem // arctic monkeys
fare thee well // oscar isaac & marcus mumford
cigarettes, wedding bands // band of horses
of time and space // city & colour
favourite day // bombay bicycle club
white teeth teens // lorde
knee socks // arctic monkeys
learn me right // mumford & sons + birdy
what makes a man // city & colour
try // david ramirez
beautiful mess // hudson taylor
team // bon iver

i hope you enjoy this over the weekend.

twenty six images representing me // 1-13

posted on: Wednesday, 29 January 2014

my latest assignment was 'A-Z of Me' - which i'm still cringing at. i had to create twenty six images, for each letter of the alphabet, relating to me.
although i have not enjoyed the name of the assignment, i have throughly enjoyed the amount of freedom i've had with it. as long as the image correlates to a letter, i can photograph whatever i like.
i decided that i didn't want to share the description i wrote for each letter with the audience, wanting them to distinguish their own meaning as i love art like this.

NEW // bits of my bedroom.

posted on: Tuesday, 28 January 2014

my bedroom is finally coming together and i'm slowly but surely getting things on the walls. i really want to keep it simple and i'm trying to avoid clutter and mess. i still have the muuto e27 light on my wishlist, along with a corkboard map of the world so i can dream about all the places i want to visit. it's starting to really feel like home and i'm getting used to the creaks and bumps - let's not mention the time i thought someone was in the house so i got in the car in my pyjamas and drove around until my dad got there.
on a completely different note, i made a tumblr specifically for my photography. i prefer it so much more than flickr & viewbug, i've never really got into either of those. it would be lovely if you followed/reblogged/liked it if you enjoy my "work". it'd be great to be able to ~make it~ in an artistic job, i'm never going to be someone with a "normal" job.


posted on: Saturday, 25 January 2014

eighteen // after months searching for a white moleskine, i finally found one randomly.
nineteen // new shelf & new plant.
twenty // new (and only) light fitting.
twenty one // where i'd rather be on rainy dark mornings.
twenty two // shelf in my bedroom & new cacti.
twenty three // my assignment is due in next wednesday so i have been spending the week taking photographs, putting off researching artists & watching a lot of parks & rec.
twenty four // a couple of colour coordinated books & my mini soft leather bible on the shelf. i really want some bell jars (hurhur 'the bell jar' is there) for the shelves & some nice looking candles to display.

it's the week before my deadline is due so i've spent the week photographing, editing, typing and finally getting microsoft word back on my macbook. i'll share the twenty six images from my assignment when i've submitted it next wednesday. i'm also going on a field trip to the tate on tuesday before going to see city & colour (major flail) in manchester. other than that, i'm preparing myself for a art history essay i'm going to be writing next month.

twenty fourteen on a clipboard // january.

posted on: Wednesday, 22 January 2014

i spent so long looking for the perfect calendar this year & when i came across this free download, i was so happy. as soon as i got a printer, i printed it off, but i didn't have anywhere to put it. i thought about framing it, or just sticking it on the wall with washi tape, but i really loved the idea of using a clipboard.
i went to the local stationary store & i hated how all the A4 clipboards looked, so when i stumbled across this hidden PDF A3 one, i knew it was perfect, but knew it would swarm the calendar. i bought it anyway, and went on pintrest to see how i could utilise the clipboard so it wasn't just dead space. i saw so many people were using clipboards as a moodboard, and thought it would be perfect to use the extra space to display things i am loving during the current month. i also thought it would be a great place to display polaroids from this year when i get round to taking some!

january // "i just want to drink coffee, create stuff and sleep" / sherlock / "merci" thankyou postcard

write it out.

posted on: Monday, 20 January 2014

one thing i really want to do this year is keep a journal. a physical, hand scrawled journal. raw and ugly and honest. full of what goes through my head in an attempt to get it out in some way rather than having it swirl around it there with no way of getting out.
over the past few years i have noticed how i've closed into myself and have stopped speaking about things that i'm thinking about, views i have, and i find it incredibly hard to talk to people without feeling stupid & worthless.
it means that i'll have a light hearted conversation with someone i've known for a couple of weeks - i can't guarantee you'll get anything out of me when i first meet people - but if you want to have a deep conversation and know what's going on in my head, you're going to have to knock down a few walls. walls i haven't put up, walls i wish i could break down myself, but the walls are there nonetheless.
i don't want to aim for how often i write in my journal. i want it to be free, not forced, i want it to be honest, i want to be able to read it in a few years time and be shocked at how much i've changed.

well, little white moleskine. let's do this.


posted on: Saturday, 18 January 2014

eleven // mum & dog.
twelve // daily coffee on my new cup & saucer.
thirteen // i can't wait to have proper blinds in my house, the lighting is terrible without them.
fourteen // blood bank / bon iver. (this photograph has resulted in a huge/noticeable scratch on my brand new table and it makes me incredible sad).
fifteen // white roses. i love having flowers in the house.
sixteen // new blinds & a fixed porch light.
seventeen // coffee & college work.

i tried really hard to take more photographs on my dslr this week, and even though i didn't take every day this week on my dslr, it's better than it has been & i already find myself going to grab it more than i was.

N E W // 02

posted on: Wednesday, 15 January 2014

everything seems to have happened so quickly and at my disbelief i am already living at the house permanently and only need a few more things to make it complete.
i moved in over the weekend as the floors were laid about a week faster than we thought they would be - good workmen for you - and they put my bed up too. over the next few days my parents and i put up the rest of the ikea furniture, bar two wardrobes and a chest of drawers, then came ordering the big things; a fridge & washing machine. i ordered them on saturday night and they were delivered on monday afternoon. the thing that i'm missing the most (and should have set up by the time you're reading this) is internet. the men came out on thursday to hook up the phone line (which i'm only going to be using for internet), and me not realising, thought they would be hooking up the internet and i'd be catching up with sherlock by thursday evening, but alas, after rereading the letter, the internet didn't go live until today, leaving me to survive on a 3 pebble. an upside of this all is that i've read my first book of 2014 and have started book two.
the stair carpet was laid on thursday, which was a relief! no more sawdust/dirt on my socks/feet/nice white floors! it meant i could lay my long awaited rug, the stockholm from ikea that i was coveting for a good two years.
i'm planning another ikea trip in the very near future with my friend; i have a £50 ikea voucher to spend (thanks, wardrobes & beds!) and the in-app list is burning a hole in my pocket. i'm planning to get some shelves for the living room and mine & my housemate's rooms and a desk for myself.
i'll be sharing the kitchen moodboard on wednesday, even though it's now done, i still want to share what i was working from.
this series is looking to be a lot shorter than i had thought! i may have to turn it into something else if it dries up before december!