posted on: Friday, 21 December 2012

credit: weheartit

i want to start this post with a little disclaimer: i am not a regular drinker. i only drink when i'm going out, and even then, not overly excessively. i will only drink if i like the taste, i don't do it to get drunk. 

for a long time, i've wanted to try beer. i've tried the normal stella artois and never liked it, but i've always been intrigued by the different beers in the spirits & wine aisle at the shop. today, i was in waitrose with my mum, and i told her about my interest in trying some different types of beers. she helped me pick out a few and as they went through the till, i thought i could turn it into a little series on therosyfreckle - giving my thoughts, telling you a bit about the beers and so on.

obviously if this sort of thing is hated i won't do it again, but since i am a southern comfort sort-a girl, i have no clue about beer at all, other than that men (and probably women?) get beer bellies from the stuff and sometimes hobos stink like they've been marinated in it. what a lovely picture i'm painting ;)

so, these are the ones i picked up. i know there are some largers and ciders in there, but as i don't know the full definition of 'beer', i thought i'd pick them up too.

what are your thoughts on a 'beer' series? 


  1. which beers did you get? I didn't really get into beer until a year ago, and now I'm really into it! I particullary like darker beers like Porters and Stout. I tend to avoid beers that are overly hoppy... but sometimes those can be good too.

    If you really want to get into beer you should consider this book
    We have it at home and go through it a few times a year to pick out new ones to look for.

    I would very much enjoy a series on beer, I thought of doing it once, but it turns out I'm to lazy to post more than just pictures, haha

    1. i pretty much got only local beers - apart from one from america - because there wasn't a huge selection, but it's a start.

      thanks for the book rec. i will definitely look into it, you can never have too many books!

      aha! i'm probably going to start it in the new year and then do a post on each beer i try to start and just see where it goes :)

  2. I think that would be very interesting if you were to write about beer, I really don't know anything about it.

    1. i don't know anything about it either, but thought it would be interesting to share what i learn, as i've not been able to find anything on it. :)