posted on: Thursday, 24 October 2013

i took some photos of st james' acoustic night last night. it was the first time i've been asked to photograph an event and i think they turned out alright, the light was either super harsh or really dim so that made it hard. but i enjoyed it and definitely appreciate being able to practice shooting people. 

in the woods.

posted on: Monday, 21 October 2013

today i went to delamere forest with some friends to get some shots for our unit on aperture using a film camera. as well as taking my film camera, i also took my dslr and obviously had my phone on me. 
not suprisingly - but somewhat dishearteningly - my favourite shot was of these trees - my absolute favourite, especially when there are hundreds of them - that i took on my phone. 
it makes me a bit uneasy that i would chose to take photos on my phone rather than my dslr, but i guess built in cameras are really good now, although i do think the real reason is i can edit my photos using vsco on my phone, whereas on my laptop, i only have iphoto to edit.