posted on: Tuesday, 23 July 2013

this saturday, i will be leaving for a week of camping in mablethorpe along with 35/40 members of my church. and - as with any holiday - i have begun the countdown and started on the mounds of lists that i write, edit and rewrite up to departure day.
so far, i have made a packing list detailing all the clothes, cosmetics and necessities i need to take including things like my tent, a chair and a hoodie. i have also made a list of events and seminars that look like they will be interesting so that i know when they are during the week.
i find making lists helps me keep calm when preparing for a holiday, as i know that i won't forget anything important and it makes packing so much easier.


posted on: Tuesday, 16 July 2013

there is nothing i love more than a good old fashioned letter arriving on your doorstep. there is just something about it that cannot compare to instant messaging or social media. yes, both of those allow you to connect with anyone in the world, but handwriting a letter is something so delicate, so sincere that it really can't lose it's touch. i have never had a pen pal, and can never remember writing a letter to anyone aside from santa claus. and apart from postcards from holidaying family and friends, i have never received a letter.
despite this, i have always wanted a pen pal, someone in a different country, a different city even, to write to, on paper, with a pen, in my scruffy handwriting. and for 18 years, it didn't happen. but this year, one of my lovely friends from church has gone to america to be a camp medical helper, and we agreed to be pen pals. i have tried to not talk to her over facebook, as i love the idea of letters being the only way of communication. so far, i have received two letters from her, and this morning i sat down with my air mail paper and envelope and wrote to her. the main theme of our letter, is of course, our faith. and it was so lovely to read and write about Him and be truly thankful for Him.
i am planning to send the letter off today and can't wait for her to receive it. i am loving having a pen pal and may even suggest that when she returns we should only communicate through letters!

have you ever had a pen pal? 

w h i t e

posted on: Wednesday, 10 July 2013

i went shopping yesterday and picked up (quite a few) things. i thought i would show you some of my favourite things.
originally, i bought the classic white converse, but when i saw these all white ones, i was smitten and ended up taking the original white ones back and bought these. swoon.
h&m is my danger-zone. i tried on loads of things, but limited myself to five items. i only bought four, so i'm proud of myself.
i went into lush for the first time since it moved down to the bigger store. i don't think i've ever had a bad experience in lush - the staff are lovely and the stock is maybe even a bit more. i was served by the nicest, chattiest lady - she was great at selling! i could learn something from her!! - and she helped me pick out a face mask and some shampoo. i also couldn't help but take home the little bee fellow - he is just too cute!!!
& finally, i was going to go to the yankee candle shop and get one of there candles, but after slipping into utility (does that sound as weird as it does in my head? i feel like i'm personifying jelly) i sniffed this candle and was sold - it's not what i would normally go for at all, but it's so refreshing and lovely!

hope you're all enjoying the sun! 

loving lately: b i r t h d a y e d i t i o n

posted on: Tuesday, 9 July 2013

it is just over a month until my birthday and i've been taking note of a few things i have been loving.

one / two / three / four / five / s i x 


obviously i do not expect to receive everything or anything i've suggested here, that would be crazy, and that's why it's a wishlist. i have mentioned a few of the items to my mum to give her some ideas of what to get me, but i am certain i will love and appreciate whatever i receive! 

silver anchor

posted on: Thursday, 4 July 2013

i have been really unhappy with my blog name for a while now and although it may sound like a ridiculous excuse, it has really kept me from being motivated to blog. for the past few weeks i have been brainstorming a few ideas for a new blog name and have come up with something with a lot of meaning rather than pulling at strings.

so, from july 5th, the rosy freckle will be silver anchor. i don't want you to feel like i am drowning you in bible talk when i tell you the meaning, but i just want you all to know me better and maybe more personally than you do.

i chose silver anchor because of two reasons. the first is very short, very shallow. i like silver. i like monochrome, i like grey, simple. the reason i chose anchor is because of the connotation it has with my faith. in hebrews 6:17, the hope that comes from christ is referred to as 'an anchor' and over the past few months, i have really found comfort in the knowledge that, with my hope fully in god, i no longer have to worry (a huge problem for me); all my needs will be met, i always have his protection and through jesus christ, i have eternal life. i try everyday to be faithful, loving and hopeful and because of that, i feel a sense of peace that i believe only comes from god.

i know it is a very long winded explanation and i have probably put more thought into this than i should have, but a lack of inspiration really is all you need to kill off a blog. i hope now that i will be inspired to create and share on this blog and i hope you will keep reading and sharing with me.



p.s - happy 4th of july to any american readers!! you know how to work independence!



posted on: Monday, 1 July 2013

for the past few weeks, i have been meaning to go up to leeds to see my grandma during the week and have a nice day with her. originally, i was going to go on the train and meet her in the city, but i decided i wanted to drive over as i want to get more accustomed to the journey (driving it rather than being a passenger) and let me tell you, by the time i got there i was ready to sleep. i never really thought about how much you have to concentrate when driving on a motorway long distance. it's constant brain activity and you're constantly looking around you to make sure you're being safe. 
my dad ended up coming along as he wasn't thrilled with the idea of me driving over by myself (can you say only child?) but in the end i was really glad he came; we all had a laugh and he drove us back home (so i could switch my brain off - thanks, john!) 
we took my grandma out for lunch and filled ourselves up with delicious food then went to kirkstall abbey (which was shut, womp womp) and walked around the park. of course we got ice cream from the ice cream van (i haven't had a 99 with sherbet since i was a child and man did it make me feel old!) 
it was so lovely to spend the day with my grandma. she's such an amazing woman and i love her to pieces! 

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