posted on: Tuesday, 11 December 2012

when winter rolls around, it is the perfect time to pull out a cute wooly hat to keep your scalp toasty warm. i love hats, especially ones with bobbles on the top, and every year i find myself bookmarking them while browsing online shops.

but i have a major problem. my hair. if you have curly hair, you know how much volume it can have. and volume = hats falling off my head. the only way they'll stay on is if i put them on when my hair's wet. and then i can't take them off. it's a battle i face every time i look at my (tiny) collection of wonderful hats. which all seem to be from topshop - they have great hats!

are you a hat lover? what's your favourite style?

p.s yes, that is me, with no make up on. please ignore my face. :)


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