a peek at my christmas.

posted on: Wednesday, 26 December 2012

just sharing a few photos from christmas today. we had a really quiet and chilled day this year, just me, mum and dad. and of course, jake. i wasn't feeling all that good in the morning so i was left in bed while my parents went to church.
when they returned, we started making lunch - with bucks fizz and garlic dough balls to munch on while we cooked. we had michael bublĂ© on and sang away like no one could hear us. (they probably could, we had the back door open a jar). after we'd eaten, we played bananagrams and charades and humbugs - humming the tune of a song and having the others guess what it is  - gave my grandma a quick phone call (she normally comes to us for christmas, but this year went to my auntie's today) and then opened presents.
i got my mum an orla kiely pure dab radio which she loves so that made me super happy. and i got my dad a top gear dvd and a hmv gift card. the dog was treated to a rawhide bone (which he didn't realise was to eat), a teddy chicken and a ball type thing that you're supposed to put treats in and then they 'spend hours' trying to get it out. yep, didn't work with jake, he gave up after less than five minutes and was asking for it to be thrown. his favourite part of course was the wrapping paper. he even helped me unwrap some of my gifts.
this year, i mainly asked for books. i also asked for a jo totes camera bag - it is so beautiful!!! - and a diptique candle - i'm burning it right now and it smells so good! i will probably be doing book reviews of the books i got throughout the year, and maybe posting about some of the recipes from the rachel khoo book.

to those who celebrate it; i hope you had a very merry christmas, and to those who don't, i hope you had a lovely tuesday. what was your favourite present you gave/received this year?


  1. I'm glad you had a good Christmas! My favorite present I gave this year was a pair of bee earrings and my favorite present I received was a new camera!

    1. bee earrings sound so fun! oo i hope you enjoy using your camera :)