a creative corner.

posted on: Saturday, 22 June 2013

i know it may sound vain, but it really bugs me when my instagram pictures don't have a white background. yeah, nothing worth complaining about, right? but for me, i like my pictures clean, simple, focused on the subject rather than the background. i've been through that floral background stage, i've had by everything-busy fad, and now i'm always longing for fresh, white, uncluttered spaces.

if you read my last post, you know i bought a calligraphy pen and ink last week, and all week i have been practising away on my bed perfectly content until i spilt ink on my bedding. major oops. it made me realise i needed a desk - somewhere to draw, to write, to read. somewhere separate from my bed. somewhere to purposefully be productive. so, on friday, i dragged my dad to ikea (after lunch at m&s - they have like 100 eames chairs in the cafe and i was dying for the whole hour we were there. they are so pretty) and purchased a little white desk and black chair.

it is perfect and just what i need. it's small enough to fit into a small corner of my room without overcrowding it too much - i'm hoping to get rid of the tv sometime soon - and i already feel more creative and inspired (as you can probably tell from this like, actual blog post! - can a desk really do that to you?). it is going to be my blogging corner, my drawing corner, my calligraphy corner, my bible study corner and it's also a perfect background for all the instagrams i could dream of!!

what inspires you? 

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posted on: Tuesday, 18 June 2013

well, not type i suppose, but typography in a way. i have wanted to buy a pen and nib for quite a while now. if you know me, you know my love of font and typography and how i sit and analyse different people's handwriting and font choice and how it makes their writing come across - trust me, it's probably not that interesting, but it fascinates me.

anyway, i expected them to cost quite a bit and was happily surprised that they were incredibly affordable. the whole nib, pen and ink didn't even come to £10 - what a bargain. i have been playing around with writing different things over the past couple of days and i feel like i'm starting to get the hang of it - i'm still having spits a lot though. once i've got used to the way it works, i'm hopefully going to learn some "proper"calligraphy and hopefully add watercolour drawings into the mix (i can dream)

is there anything you've been wanting to take up? do you use a nib and ink or watercolours? tips would be great!

green, black and white.

posted on: Thursday, 6 June 2013

for so long, i have wanted to make a terrarium and start my own collection of plants. i was always brought up with a beautiful garden and summer days filled with gardening with my parents. this year, i wanted to make a terrarium, but i haven't be able to find an affordable glass container. so instead, i purchased two terracotta pots and painted one white (above) and a larger one black (still drying in the shed). the black one is slightly larger than the white one, and i am planning to pot all my cacti and my other succulent in there.
i have taken a before picture of the potted succulent and will take one of the black pot tomorrow. hopefully i will be able to take them every few months to see how they are growing.

even more stories

posted on: Tuesday, 4 June 2013

one // two // three // four // five // six 

for so long now, i have wanted to check out what & other stories had to offer. from what i'd seen on blogs and youtube, i assumed it was a makeup brand as that was all i had seen from it. well, today i finally got round to checking out their website (also thought it was instore only) and found that they offer so much more than makeup! i really love the logo too, i'm a sucker for appealing typography and love the simplicity of theres. above is a selection of my favourite pieces from the & other stories website.

have you bought anything from & other stories since the infamous launch?