posted on: Sunday, 16 December 2012

i have written the opening sentence to this post several times, and i just can't seem to say it right. so i will keep it brief. the events on friday were horrific and i am praying for the families affected by the shooting in america. i hope they are finding comfort in their families and friends. i can't even imagine their pain.

if you click on the print, it will make it larger and much better quality. :)

this post was scheduled for friday, but it didn't go up. i wanted to share my favourite quotes; little sentences and phrases that pick me up when i'm feeling down. we all know how powerful words are, and these are the words i keep by my bed to see as soon as i wake up. they reassure me when i feel like giving up. i hope some of them inspire you, make you smile, and make you realise how important you as an individual are.

i love you all,



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