busy lizzie.

posted on: Thursday, 13 December 2012

this week has been so busy for me; i've been in town by 930 every morning but getting home by three each day, meaning i've been able to blog every day, but today (and tomorrow) i wasn't home until half past eight. after i've washed my hair, i'm going to schedule a blog post for tomorrow (at six like normal). it won't be anything extravagant, just sharing a few things - aka what this blog is for - but i apologise for not posting anything substantial today.

i've been in town all week doing training towards a new job. the training doesn't guaruntee the job - which i thought it did - but should give me a better chance of getting it. we normally finish between two and half two, so i walked into town with a few friends i've made then wandered around with one of them. after she'd gone home, i went into starbucks, ordered a venti gingerbread latte and sat in the corner with my ipod in a started reading life of pi. i had to work from four til eight, so off i went.

when i got home, i curled up on the couch for a while and then made tea (quorn green thai curry with pepper, onion and spinach) then had a conversation with my mum about religion stemmed from the whole gay marriage in churches thing that's going on over here (yay!).

so, i'm sorry if this post isn't interesting and is rambly (and a pretty much downright boring description of my day), but this blog is to document my life, and today has now been documented as a 'busy lizzie day', which it was.

how's your week been? 

p.s i'm so excited for a lie in on saturday!!!!


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