posted on: Wednesday, 16 April 2014

when i bought the stool from the brakig range, i had no idea what i wanted to do with it. it was sat lonely in the living room for two months before i decided it would be great to put books on in my "reading corner" rather than piling everything on top of the windowsill/printer. 
i went to the keywords exhibition at the tate on monday and picked up a postcard from the constellations exhibition too. i'm on a mission to find old simple frames and start a small collection of art, memories and inspiration on the bare wall.  


posted on: Monday, 14 April 2014

i have given up bread for lent. i am going to start riding my bike. i went to an art gallery by myself. i bought a new film camera; i still don't like grain. i find it hard to be positive about the past month, but flowers are blooming and the sun is shining (sometimes). i am so ready for summer.