face to a name.

posted on: Monday, 10 December 2012

late last night, i realised that i have never actually posted a picture of my face, none of you know what i look like.

in some ways, i like that. i like the anonymity. i like the fact my blog isn't being judged on whether i have a big nose or black teeth or spots. i like that you are reading my blog because you like the content, well, i hope you like the content.

but in other ways, i don't like it. i don't like when i talk to someone and i can't see their face properly in their profile picture, i don't like imagining someone as i talk to them only to see what they really look like and be like, what!? they're completely different to the person who was in my mind.

but everyone is different. so i'm leaving it up to you, if you want me to remain somewhat anonymous, i am happy to do that, but if you like putting a face to a name, then i will be happy to introduce myself, properly.

i don't know why i'm making such a huge deal of this, of my face. it's completely underwhelming and definitely not something you'd want popping up on every blog post - which will never happen, i promise. but i suppose it comes down to me, am i hiding behind a keyboard, having a way to share my voice, but muffling it with a scarf?
but yes, i'd love your input, do you think therosyfreckle should stay faceless or not?


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