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posted on: Monday, 17 December 2012

ok, so i know it's not exactly the end of the month, but really, as soon as christmas eve rolls around, time just melts into one big christmas fest with films, food, board games and music thrown in. so, i thought now would be a great time to share some things i've been loving for the past month or so.

treacle moon warm cinnamon nights shower creme.
this stuff smells so good, perfect for a winter evening bath and it's super cheap too; £2.99 for 500ml. the only downside is that it's limited edition (which makes you want it more). honestly the only thing i will happily buy from tesco (don't get me started).

essie where's my chauffer.
i'm a sucker for teal/aqua/blue nail varnish. always have been, always will be. normally, this sort of colour is saved for summer, but as it was released in the 2012 winter collection, i allowed myself to wear it with glee. it's more of a blue toned mint(?) which makes it icy and perfect for winter tips.

white lights.
everywhere. the tree, around the room, above my bed. i love white lights at christmas. i'm not a coloured lights fan. well, i like them, i just don't like them in my house. ;)

blankets and throws.
i have an obsession. with cushions too. i just love them. so warm and snuggly and perfect for keeping your toes warm in the cold weather. i have one on the end of my bed, two in the living room, and the rest sorted to the side waiting for me to get my mitts on them. i have too many to use, but i just can't stop myself from buying them. i probably need help.

nutella cinnamon hot chocolate.
this is a drink sent from heaven. i've grown up drinking powdered chocolate with hot water and a little bit of milk. i always found it weird that people used hot milk in their hot chocolates, but when i tried it, i realised why. ok, it isn't as healthy, but it's winter for pete's sake. i normally fill my mug with milk, leaving some room at the top, then pour that into a pan, but it on a low heat, add two dollops of nutella, constantly whisk & turn the hob up a bit - because i'm impatient - add cinnamon when the nutella's pretty much melted, then just keep whisking until there's steam coming off it, then take it off the heat, pour it into my mug then top it off with some whipped cream. nom.

revlon lip butter in raspberry pie.
i bought like five lip butters when i was in florida in february as they hadn't come out over here yet. raspberry pie was one i loved but had been in the drawer since i got home. then a few weeks ago, i was having a sort out and came across this again. i put it on and thought it was perfect for the colder months. i love the way it wears off too, it stains the lips and subtly fades away throughout the day.

revlon colorstay in ivory.
i waited so long to try out this foundation, fearing it was too much coverage for me, but hecky thump, it's perfect! i don't need concealer and it lasts all day. literally, i'll put it on at nine am and it will still be there at nine pm. it mattifies my skin perfectly (i've recently become more oily than dry/normal) and makes my skin tone all one colour. i will be repurchasing this foundation forever. my only wish is that it had a pump, seriously so annoying that you can't control how much product comes out.

palmolive milk and honey shower milk.
i actually think this is my favourite shower gel ever. i use it every single day and it makes my skin so soft and moisturised and smells so good. i love that it's not flowery or minty etc because that way it doesn't contrast my perfumes.

my first pair of converse were red, orange and pink hi-tops i bought in new york when i was nine. after two months, i hated them. the colours weren't anything like what i wore (grey lover for life) and i just wanted my mum to replace them with black ones. she wouldn't so i put them away and forgot about converse until i was 13. i still didn't learn and went out and bought red hi-tops. those lasted longer, about two years longer. it was then i bought black low-tops. i wore them constantly until i went to an outlet with my mum and first discovered the vans shop (bear in mind this is about three/four years before everyone started wearing vans) and bought a pair of black and white slip ons. i was a vans person from then on. i still am. except i'm trying to vary what shoes i wear - seriously i need to stop wearing my vans every time i leave the house. i pulled out my converse from the back of my wardrobe and i've been making a conscious effort to wear them - and other types of shoes - more often.

frank hamilton.
ok, i know i'm way way late on the frank hamilton bandwagon. but sheesh, he is good. i got tired of the stuff i'd been listening to for most of the year and wanted some new stuff. my first place to look was the new & noteworthy on itunes - i never look at the charts - and found frank hamilton's #onesongaweek album. honestly beautiful. i suggest you all go check it out.

hey, it's christmas.
favourite christmas album of the year, of course you all know this is you've seen my favourite christmas music post. plus, you can buy it for as much or little as you'd like (that includes £0).

lianne la havas.
another new discovery. not something i'd necessarily go for every day of the week, but her music is beautiful.

the lumineers.
the self-titled album is just a pure joy to listen to. so chill.

m.r. smith.
i checked out this artist after he followed me on twitter, and i genuinely enjoyed his music. think the head and the heart, iron and wine and mumford & sons.

the hobbit.
by far my favourite movie of december, if not the year. i had the book as a child but never got around to reading it and i'm not the biggest fan of the lotr franchise but i really wanted to see the hobbit. i thought it was really really good. i thought the acting was superb and it was such a great film in general. it did drag in some places, but for the majority of the time, i didn't even realise how long it was on for. i thought martin freeman was the perfect bilbo and loved that frodo got a little part in it too.

what are some of your favourite things from this month? 


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