my favourite christmas songs.

posted on: Thursday, 6 December 2012

i think i've got a pretty varied taste when it comes to music, but one thing that really irks me about christmas music is that it's all the same. they're all pop songs or hymns - don't get me wrong, i love christmas songs - but i wanted to share some songs that might be a little bit different than your average christmas playlist (as well as some cheesy classics).

  • the christmas waltz - i love how classy this is. i imagine dancing to this with a strapping gent at a ball or something held in a house just like the one in the sound of music. yep.

  • unwed mother - i recently downloaded this album (for free, if you'd like) and i love the whole album, but this is probably one of my favourites). i love how it's not a pop song and it's not cheesy, it's just nice and could be played in may without it being weird.

  • o holy night - it's my favourite "classic" christmas song. i like the lyrics and this version is my favourite. 
(can you tell i've really been loving that album this christmas?....cos i have) 

  • step into christmas - elton is fab. and it's so fun to dance and sing to, the man's a genius i tell you. 

  • last christmas - this honestly is that christmas song of my childhood. i can vividly remember my year two christmas party and the christmas cd i had with this on it (it had a snowglobe type snow making system) and my year two christmas nativity (big up narrator 6). i also love the video, oh so 80's!

  • silver bells - this is the song that makes me feel all warm and cosy and christmassy. it reminds me of christmas eve and fluffy socks and films and hot chocolate, you know, christmas stuff. 

what are your favourite christmas songs? 


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