my top five festive films.

posted on: Tuesday, 4 December 2012

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5. elf
a man who think he's an elf let loose in new york? everyone knows elf, but has anyone tried his special spaghetti/syrup/m&m's/pop tarts breakfast?

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4. the santa clause
ok, i grew up watching 'home improvement' on disney channel (i still have a soft spot for jonathan taylor thomas) and the santa clause was shown pretty much every year - sometimes followed by the santa clause two, which is equally as good.

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3. love actually
romance + christmas? and the way every character is somehow linked to another makes it even better.

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credit: weheartit
2. home alone
the cult christmas film of life, duh.

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1. the polar express
nothing makes it feel more like christmas than curling up with a hot chocolate (wishing it was served by singing and dancing waiters) and watching this film. it's sad really because i don't think i've ever seen/heard anyone mention this film as one of their favourites for christmas, i guess there's a lot to choose from, but this is by far my favourite. plus, the animation is amazing - especially for 2004 - and who doesn't love tom hanks?

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what is your favourite christmas film? 



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