posted on: Monday, 25 November 2013

for my assignment we are are focusing on painting with light and today i had a go and did a few patterns and my name. i also did the alphabet which is a requirement but these are just some of the ones i did for fun. 
i also had to do overlays in photoshop workshop and i thought paramore then & now would look cool & threw a layer of my light painting on top. 

things i learned from having green hair.

posted on: Saturday, 23 November 2013

when i'm in the shower, i write blog posts in my head. some of them are essays, most of them never come to anything. but they help me process life. reciting to myself an event or a thought process explains things to me. last night, i was washing my hair with medicated shampoo for the third time when my 'internal essay' began. 99% of the time, i never think of them again, or i forget what i had thought but i really wanted to write these thoughts down.


posted on: Friday, 22 November 2013

i like white because it makes me calm. it's peaceful and doesn't make your mind work a million times a second just because your eyes are open. in my current assignment for college, the themes are 'time', 'space' and 'order and chaos'. as soon as i saw 'space' i interpreted it as 'personal space' and my plan is to photograph my room and other places i feel calm and at ease. to see what it will be like, this morning i snapped some photos of my room and things that relax me and although the lighting really wasn't great, i really like the way it's going.

b r a n d c r u s h : byredo.

posted on: Thursday, 21 November 2013

gypsy water
bal d'afrique
seven veils
peyote poem
whenever i smell gypsy water by byredo, i think of my mum. it makes me feel warm and fuzzy and safe and loved. i love that smells can do that, that they can evoke emotions and memories. it wasn't until last year that i really appreciated the perfume and over the past few months i have been swooning over byredo's scents, frangrance names (so important), and design; oh my golly gosh their design just makes me sigh with happiness. i'm a sucker for graphics, and byredo sucked me in. 
one day, i want to have my own byredo scent; a scent that doesn't have a name to the most important people in my life, a scent that is just an overflow of memories and happy feelings. i think byredo is a brand that can encapsulate you in a scent, a scent that comes at the perfect time and it's not one to be rushed. 

a h i n t o f c o l o u r

posted on: Sunday, 17 November 2013

i am known for my love of black and white. everyone i know teases me for not being a fan of colour. so, whenever i mention that i like something with colour, they are surprised. recently, i have been loving sunflowers. i have always loved vibrant yellow, which is strange because yellow is a colour that can either be so right or so wrong, and i would never wear it/paint a room with it/buy a sofa in it, but sunflowers are just so beautiful and i think my brain is drawn to them, especially while i am lacking the sun during this cold winter. i really don't know whats up with me, i love winter and cold, but nope, i'm reluctant this year. 

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posted on: Thursday, 14 November 2013

i wanted to go and shoot at the beach today. i went armed with my DSLR and my film camera, but after two minutes in the crisp, sharp, cold wind, i was done. in my mind it's still summer and as much as i love winter, my mind & body aren't prepared.
the fact i have suddenly come down with what feels like the flu proves that. 


is anyone out there?
recently, i have been incredibly inspired. in all honesty, it stemmed from tumblr; sometimes my blog just looks so good and it makes me want to create and gets the cogs moving. there are also some things in the works that are making me incredibly excited and it has made me realise what a blogging rut i was in. i didn't even think about blogging, let alone worry about the fact i wasn't. 
but now i am full of ideas and pinning everything that grabs my eye. i'm hoping to start a new ~series~ next week, if the things in the works come about, that will be so exciting and so completely new. 
i hope you're all having a great week!

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