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posted on: Tuesday, 11 December 2012

i am a major candle love/hoarder. i always have one burning (when i'm in the room of course, safety, guys) and i love using them to make a room smell nice opposed to a fake 'febreeze' type spray. anyway, one of the things i love reading about/watching videos of is people's favourite candles and their collections. i find it's the best way to find new fragrances and it's nice to see people's recommendations.

so, on that note, i have decided to share my favourite candles; ones i've previously had, currently have or are on my wishlist. hopefully this will give you a few ideas of some candles you may not have thought of getting or maybe one you've never heard of. who knows.

yankee candle // soft blanket: this is probably my favourite yankee candle, it just smells so fresh and clean but with a hint of sweetness? but not sweetie sweetness, just, calming sweetness. i am someone who does not like the clean cotton or baby powder fragrances because they're just too sharp. this is a nice alternative if you want something calm and subtle.

yankee candle // cherries on snow: i bought cherries on snow in december last year and only got half way through it before i moved on to spring candles so when it started to get chillier this winter, i cracked it open again and finished it off in a few weeks. honestly, it smells like haribo cherries and i loved it. i will definitely be repurchasing this sometime.

yankee candle // blissful autmn: i didn't think i was going to like this at first, as i don't normally like fragrances that are titled after seasons or things like 'sand'. but i was proven wrong and this candle was quite woody - something i wouldn't have gone for not even six months ago - but because the leaves were a golden colour when i burned this, it just smelled right. there's also wafts - or as the posh candle people say "notes" - of citrus.

yankee candle // garden sweet pea: i went to florida in february and while i was there, i took a trip to bath & bodyworks. the only large candle i got - seeing as i wanted to buy things other than candles and refused to pay the price for an over-the-limit suitcase - was 'sweet pea' and i burned solely that when i got home until it ran out. now when i think of my holiday in florida, i imagine that smell, and was so sad when my candle burnt out. fast forward to september, and i was looking at the yankee candles and saw 'garden sweet pea', my prayers were answered and i found an identical smelling candle that i can now buy super easily and be reminded of that holiday. it smells like fruity flowers. if it were a perfume, i guess it would smell kind of like taylor swift's enchanted. definitely my second favourite yankee candle.

diptyque // ambre: i've wanted a diptyque candle for so so long, like two years so long but i always put it off because of two things; 1. the price is quite ridiculous. 2. i could only buy them online as they aren't stocked in my local john lewis branch. but, while in selfridges, i spotted a diptyque stand and spent well over 15 minutes smelling ever single candle over and over until i decided on the perfect one. (i'd assumed i'd want baies or figuiers as they seem to be the most popular, but i really didn't like them). i've asked for this candle for christmas, because let's be real, i'm not going to spend £38 on a candle for myself.

le labo // santal 26: two months ago, i'd never heard of this company. and by golly i'm glad i have. when i was first looking at their website, i was so disappointed to see that they were based in america and that they described their candles coming in "thick and heavy glass". i assumed i'd never get my hands on one as not only does shipping from america cost a fair bit, but imagine normal shipping costs times by something in "thick and heavy glass". anyway, i carried on browsing the site and came across the "sampling" tab. you can order samples of home fragrances you'd like to "try before you buy" for a mere £2 and perfumes for £4. so, i ordered a sample of santal 26 and jasmin 17 (i have a perfume obsession too, alright) and the shipping was free. it was then i discovered that they had a branch in london (no overseas shipping costs!!). when i got my samples - which arrived super fast - i spritzed them over my room/myself and let them sit for a while. i love them both. this is another candle that is on the (very) pricey side and is one i'd never go out and buy with my own money. it's definitely a present candle. if you'd be happy to pay £47 for a candle for someone, a le labo candle is extra special as you can get a name/address printed on the label, which would be a nice addition for no extra charge. wow, that one was long winded, ey.

i'd love to know what your favourite candles are, you can never have too many candles, right?

p.s i also love the noël candle from next but i'd already put together the collage before i'd started burning it. so yeah, the noël candle too!


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