a trip to the sea.

posted on: Thursday, 27 December 2012

today i went up to southport with my mum to take some photos on my konica of the beach - the ones above are just two i got on my phone. the tide was out and it was chilly and you could see blackpool tower and the pepsi max in the distance. we also popped into the town centre and got some things from boots and clinton cards - they had a 50% off sale on the winter/autumn yankee candles so get down to one if you fancy the deal. i wouldn't recommend the cards though, can anyone say cheap and tacky? 

do you live near to the coast? 


  1. oh I hope that you scan your film so that we can see the other pictures that you took, I really like this second one that you posted today. I love when it is cloudy enough to get the entire photo exposed correctly.

    1. thank you! it's definitely one of my most recent favourites :) and i definitely will if the film doesn't disconnect this time! i had a whole roll of film ready to develop that just wouldn't rewind and it had disconnected from the shell so i'm crossing my fingers!!

      me too, one of my favourite things is seeing the perfect frame for a beautiful photograph and you have a camera just there waiting for you to capture it!