posted on: Monday, 29 April 2013

a few pictures taken on my phone over the past week or so.

in the frizz bizz.

posted on: Tuesday, 23 April 2013

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ok, so maybe there is no romance for my frizz to ruin, but nonetheless, it is incredibly annoying. no matter how much conditioner i put in or how long for, my curly frizz loving locks rebel and refuse to wholeheartedly cooperate. 
now, it can't be just me, can it? the awful frizzy bits of my hair keep me on edge and i'm constantly worried about whether it is unashamedly obvious to everyone else that my hair is a massive frizz ball.
i have to admit though, getting it cut a few weeks ago has helped. the frizz is no longer a "you should really get a haircut" frizz, rather a "you obviously straightened your hair everyday for six years and now it is starting to come back to life" frizz. 

what is your hair like? do you have any life saving remedies for my dry, frizzy hair? 

a decade late.

posted on: Thursday, 18 April 2013

to the dawson's creek party that is. i have been consciously making an effort to use my netflix account more and not just watch movies. i started with portlandia (which i loved) and now they've put up three seasons of dawson's creek. i was only four/five when it originally aired so completely missed that train. now that it's on netflix, i'm really getting into and i'm hoping that they put the rest of the seasons up (one of my pet hates about netflix - they never seem to put up complete series).

another thing you may (probably haven't) noticed is that i now own an ipad!!! i've been looking at buying one for over a year now and yesterday i just took the plunge and bought one! so, as a newbie ipad owner, i'd love some app recommendations - games, ipad only apps, anything you love.

i hope you are all doing well - i seem to be coming down with tonsillitis. but alas - the show must go on! 


posted on: Tuesday, 16 April 2013

i know it's the middle of april, and it's rare that i stick to plans like these (remember february on film?) but over the past month i have found myself forgetting about certain things and not focusing on important things.
for the rest of the month (and the foreseeable future) i am going to make a concerted effort to do these things.

read my bible more - i always feel so much better when i take half an hour and sit and read my bible and focus on nothing but god. i've had little time to do that over the past few weeks and i feel differently. i want to make time to spend time alone with my bible and in prayer. i need it.
take more pictures - i seem to be taking less and less photos. i suppose it's because i'm either at home or at work and after a while they get pretty repetitive. i really want to visit the world museum in liverpool, they have some great exhibits on at the minute. hopefully that will give me a reason to take out my camera more.
blog at least 3 times a week - ok, i'm planning on getting a more realistic blogging schedule going. hopefully, i'll be sharing more on therosyfreckle as spring is here and i want to spend more and more time outside and doing things. i'm thinking maybe monday, wednesday, friday, or monday, tuesday, thursday? i'm not sure yet. let me know when you prefer reading blogs!
be more daring with make up - says it all, really. i just want to do more than mascara, but not too ott, lets keep it real, guys!
make an effort to see friends - most of my friends aren't from liverpool, as they're at university here, so when a holiday comes around (easter, christmas) they disappear for weeks and i forget what it's like to socialise. i also forget that they might want to hear from me while they're away, i know i think about texting them and then change my mind because they're probably too busy with stuff. anyway! now that they're trickling back, i'm going to make an effort to see them for lunch or coffee.
make note of work hours - i've found that it's going to be really important that i make a note of how many hours i work, as the first payslip was a bit off for everyone. it'll also be good to know my average working hours per month etc.

 i'm so glad to be back blogging again. i've missed the blogging community and would love it if you read my blog, to leave the link to yours (if you have one) below, so i can read yours! 

loving lately.

posted on: Thursday, 11 April 2013

in my attempts to start blogging more, i decided to share some of the things i have been loving recently. i get paid on friday and know my first purchase will finally be a fjällräven kanken and some sunglasses and mascara from topshop.

what've you been loving recently? i'm loving everything spring/summer, winter is outstaying it's welcome now! 

smells like.

posted on: Monday, 8 April 2013

as soon as i smell certain things, i am transported back to childhood memories, events or people. most recently, the scent of my mum's perfume fills me with happiness and comfort and reminds me of half-awake dream like hugs. a non-immediate memory the scent fills me with is a trip to london to see a band in a competition and the starbucks across the road from the tube station. 

not only does this perfume smell like my mum and make me feel happy, the design of the bottle just fills my minimalist loving self with joy. there's nothing i love more than a simple container, with a simple label, and boy, byredo have got it right. 

i'd love to smell their other scents, as i'd love to own a bottle like this that holds a perfume that is so pleasing, just not my mum's scent. 

well, look at that.

posted on: Sunday, 7 April 2013

here i am again, with a whole day to myself. (which seems to be very rare as of late) and if anybody is still actually checking this ol' desertland blog, i applaud you, because i sure haven't.
besides sleeping and working, i haven't been doing much else. i picked up my camera today for the first time in what seemed like years and i actually got up, dressed and left the house to go somewhere other than work.
instead of apologising for my lack of care towards TRF, i thought instead i'd let you know what i've been up to.

-my glasses frame has snapped and it's holding on for it's dear life. i've bought a pair of frames off ebay and i am going to try and get my optician to just fit my prescription into them, instead of having to pay for some manky opticians glasses (it's so rare if i can find some that i like)
-i've finally got round to booking my contact lens check up, i haven't been since october last year and haven't worn them since before christmas. hopefully i'll be able to get a new make so my eyes don't burn like they're on fire whenever i wear contacts.
-i'm getting my hair cut this coming week. huge news for me; i never get my hair cut as it's always ruined. i've researched a hairdressers specifically for curly hair, so hopefully my hair will be better than ever.
-i've stopped using my blog twitter and have gone back to using my original twitter, which you can follow here if you are at all interested in reading about my mundane life on-the-go.
-i am loving my new job; although it is tiring, i'm really enjoy being busy and making friends. i'm praying that i get through the 13 week probation period, i'm five weeks in and i'm still getting used to it.
-i'm spending the rest of my day off watching moonrise kingdom and poirot.

as you can tell; there's not been much of anything at all to blog about. hopefully once i get used to working more regularly and it gets warmer, i'll start doing more things and fingers crossed, the activity on this blog will increase.

i hope you all have a lovely week, i miss you all.