△ uh oh. ▽

posted on: Thursday, 3 January 2013

i am never a fan of having to wash my hair. it's so long and because it's curly it's such a hassle to untangle it and condition it and it just takes so much time to wash and dry. not to mention my worst fear is loose hair.
the one thing i've never considered is getting my hair cut, in fact, i've been to the hair dressers twice in three years. but now, it's starting to seem like more and more of a good idea. i've always wanted to donate my hair to a british equivalent of locks of love because 6/10 people will compliment me on it - including strangers coming over and feeling it... awkward - and i love the idea behind it.
but would i suit it? obviously not all off, as you can tell from the picture i'd look even more weird without any hair. when i was in year two - 6 years old - i decided i wanted to cut all my hair off so i went and got it cut to my shoulders. i loved it. for two hours and then i cried because my head looked like a triangle. of course, it grew back, but do i want to cut all my hair off?
i don't know what to do!! help me!!!!!!

shorter hair or long hair?

p.s excuse awful representation of long/short hair. just use your imagination ;)


  1. Personally, I hate short hair on myself. For most of my life I've had fairly long hair and I think it's much more manageable than short hair just because I know how to deal with it.
    I think your hair is gorgeous now but if you just need a change I think short hair would suit you very well and like you said, it will save you a lot of hassle! xx


    1. i think i'd probably hate it too, i don't know if i could actually go through with it either! we'll see :')