beer: jeremiah weed root brew.

posted on: Tuesday, 29 January 2013

my love of names and quest to try new beers meant that when i saw this bottle of root beer, i really had to try it. for one, i've always loved the name jeremiah. i don't even know why. but anyway, a little bit about jeremiah weed.

contrary to the fact that "jeremiah weed" is a southern american, this distillery for the brew is in london. and it's called a "brew" because it's neither a beer nor a cider, "it is what it is" the bottle states that it has ginger, fruit alcohol, spirits and flavourings.

the brand jeremiah weed is actually originated as a whiskey company (which is actually based in kentucky, so i'll give them that), which probably explains why they also have a bourbon flavoured brew. in 2011, they brought over the southern american-ness to the uk and introduced two brews. despite there being several songs named after said company, i had never actually heard of it before.

it's a pale brew, and tastes really good. you can really taste the subtle ginger, and it isn't too beer-y which i really enjoyed. of course, it isn't a proper beer but i have a feeling it may end up being my favourite.

they also have a "jam jar glass" which i am so tempted to buy (it's only £3 for one).

i'd love to know your favourite beer, recommendations would be great! 


  1. Wow, this sounds good. I have heard of Jeremiah Weed, but that this "brew" haha. During this time of year I tend to stick to red wine, and darker brews. Rogue's Chocolate Stout is delish, if you can't find that I'm sure there is some kind of chocolate or coffee stout available. Coffee stout is really good if you like coffee :) Leffe is also really good and probably easier to find out there!

    1. ooh coffee/chocolate beer sounds yum! i'll have to keep an eye out for some! thanks for the suggestions :)