black and white.

posted on: Friday, 4 January 2013

for the past few months, i have been completely obsessed with black and white and minimalism and everything it is that i am not. i still regret painting my bedroom a light blue (almost white) rather than plain white - the same way i regretted painting it a yellowy white instead of plain white two years ago. when will i ever learn.
one of my new year's resolutions is to love what i have. to stop spending and appreciate what i already own. this was inspired by my love of minimalism, too. i want to declutter, without being wasteful, and get rid of everything that i don't need. easier said than done. i never know when i might wear that dress i've never worn in three years, or there will be a day i really feel like using a body spray i haven't used in 7 months.
it's a slow process and i've starting the purging by clearing out my wardrobe. if i haven't worn it in a few months (bar summer clothes that will go in a box until next year) it's going. same with body butters and body sprays. i may even go to the extremes of getting rid of a few of my bags, which i know will be super duper hard for me. but one of the best feelings is having a clean room - fresh bedding, hoovered floor, dusted mantle/top of wardrobes, deep cleaned room. and it's nice not to wake up and stub your toe on the corner of an empty box that was meant to be cleared out three days ago.
without realising it, a few months ago, i started to declutter. i took down all the posters and photos in my bedroom. i felt crowded and didn't like the way my walls were so busy. i took them all down and only left up my beatles poster, cos, they're the beatles and they will always have a place on my wall, and my bon iver print. but i left it blank until i ordered some prints (black and white) from seventy tree. and now, apart from a few notes, tickets from my favourite films of 2012 (batman, hobbit & perks), a leaf from autumn and a little a5 poster of joseph gordon levitt (which i am considering taking down, we'll see) my room is clear, yet it still looks crowded. i'll probably never be able to be a minimalist, as i'm too much of a collector - everything has a memory attached to it, somehow.
i love how black and white is so crisp and clear, the way it says so much while being so blank. i'm very particular about colour, anyway. if i like a green; i like that green, not the general term of green. i've always been drawn to grey as a colour, overall, it's probably my favourite. no, it is my favourite. and then there are colours i do not like; pink, purple, tomato red (but that doesn't curb my love for cherry tomatoes oh my word).
the main fuel for my black and white fire is honestly instagram. there are so many wonderful feeds full of minimalist instagrammers, which does not only fuel my love of all things black & white and minimal, but also caters to my love of interior design. i could honestly just browse through instagram all day (which i sometimes find myself doing). another huge contributer, is jonathan safran foer's work of art 'tree of codes'. not only is the poem inside amazing, but the cover is to die for. but i am trying to start expressing my new found (okay, not so new any more) love in my own life.
the one thing my love of black and white will never be able to outdo, is my love of the sky. the colours and shades of blue take my breath away on a daily basis. it's one of my favourite things.

are you a colour fanatic or monochrome fiend?


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