battle of the brands: benefit vs. l'oreal.

posted on: Monday, 21 January 2013

the only holy grail make up item i own is my benefit they're real mascara. it's everything i want and more from a mascara, but i'm always open to trying new brands and dupes when it comes to saving the pennies. quite a few times, i've heard people say that l'oreal million lashes mascara is a cheaper dupe for the they're real, so i picked one up on the way home from work a few weeks ago to try it.

benefit - pointed end, easy to get into corners, thin brush and long points - gets into it.
l'oreal - thicker brush, but adequate bristles. tipped end but no bristles on it = easy to smudge onto eyelid and harder to use.

benefit - £18.50
l'oreal - £10.99

benefit - lasts all day, doesn't loose curl, doesn't smudge. lengthens, but not as dramatically as the l'oreal.
l'oreal - lasts but the eyelashes don't feel strong. lengthens lashes more than volumizing them.

benefit - doesn't budge. sticks to lashes and doesn't smudge when you rub your eye.
l'oreal - wet, takes a while to dry. gets onto eyelids easily. easy to remove.

benefit - 8/10
l'oreal - 9/10

overall favourite
originally, when i planned this out, i had noted this as benefit, because it's my all time favourite. but after wearing them side by side at the same time, i honestly think the l'oreal might be my favourite, despite the wand. maybe i will try using the benefit wand with the l'oreal forumla, because although it is a wetter formula that takes longer to dry, it has lengthened my lashes a lot more than the benefit does. (although i did put l'oreal on my better set of lashes).

what's your favourite mascara, have you tried either of these?



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