beer: cains.

posted on: Monday, 14 January 2013

i decided to start of this series with a local beer. cains is brewed in liverpool right by the albert dock. it was founded in 1850 by robert cain - an irish immigrant - and was reopened in 1991 by gb breweries after being shut down in 1990 by, the owners at that time, boddingtons of manchester.
along with several awards, cains was the official beer of liverpool's 2008 capital of culture celebrations.

it's a pale beer, and very light. it's not as bitter as other beers i've tried and i've got to say it's probably the nicest - i much prefer a sweeter taste to bitter. that's not to say it doesn't have a twang to the aftertaste. i had it cold so it was really refreshing, but the taste was still quite strong.

i really enjoyed this beer and will definitely repurchase it in the future. not only is the taste nice, it supports a local brewery. if you happen to see this next time you're buying beer, i would absolutely suggest trying it.

what's your local beer?


  1. this sounds yummy, I've never heard of it! I'll keep an eye out when i'm next at the package store (i think calling the liquor store this is a New England thing? It's called the "packie"). We don't have any really close local beer that I know of, we have a brewery that's really good, but they only sell it on site in their pub!

    1. ooh i've never heard anyone call it a "package store" before. in england they're called off licenses/offies. guess there's no proper name really.