sofa revamp.

posted on: Monday, 7 January 2013

we've had our trusty karlstad for over three years now, and to be honest, the covers were looking a little worn and slightly dirty. i've wanted to change the covers on the sofa for a while now to give it a new lease of life - rather than buying a whole other sofa.. although i wouldn't mind a redford
from ;). as soon as i saw the grey cover during one trip to ikea, i knew that i wanted it. on saturday, we eventually got round to going and buying it and then it was time to tackle the putting it on part.
i thought the hardest part would be taking the sofa body apart, but that actually turned out to be pretty easy once i found the right spanner, it was taking the feet off that was the hardest. my dad insisted that he hadn't put the feet on (does he not realise what ikea is!? DIY BBZ DIY) and after a few snappy words (from him), i told him to leave and we ended up sawing off the legs. well, we sawed them down to a length where the allen key we had for the new legs would fit. then it was plain sailing and only took us about half an hour to get it all done.
i lovelovelove the new covers and feet and think it's amazing how it looks like we've gone out and bought a new sofa. one thing is for sure, i'm not doing it again. these covers are staying.

are you like me and feel like you need to change things up in your home or do you like things the way they are?


  1. Your couch looks like a completely different couch! Great job! I always tend to move around all my furniture and switch up the decor, I don't like things to always be the same! xx

  2. I think we are buying this exact couch next week to go in our new house! Looks great. Wish I had a matching dog like yours. :)

    1. it's a great couch - probably the best affordable one out there. good luck with your new house!! :)