posted on: Wednesday, 16 January 2013

last year, i saw a video on youtube talking about personality types. lots of weird letters were in the title that i didn't understand so i didn't watch it. a few months later there was another video more broadly titled, so i watched it, intrigued. in the description, there was a link to take the test, so i did, and it told me i was an INFJ. Introverted, iNtuition, Feeling, Judging. when i read the description, i was pretty blown away with how well it described me, considering i'm the type of person that holds back and doesn't really talk about myself. another thing that sort of made sense was the fact that infj's are the rarest personality type, which explains why we feel like it's hard for people to understand us - which it is - but that sort of works in our favour, meaning that infj's are great in roles of protecting and helping people.
the thing that stuck out mostly to me, was that i was 78% introverted. that's a lot. and it is very true. and even though i'm getting better at being shy, i still prefer to deal with things internally. infj's are also described as 'gentle, caring, complex and highly intuative', which is pretty much me in a tin.

this is the test i did to see what personality type i am. it takes about 20 minutes (ok, that was a complete guess, i did the test months ago and can't remember how long it took, i just know it took a while).

what personality type are you?


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