posted on: Friday, 18 January 2013

this is my face when i realise my hair has frozen. yep, strands as hard as rock. 

when it comes to snow, i turn into a child. as soon as it's forecast, i anticipate waking up to a blanket of the white stuff. last night, it started snowing as i was walking back to the car after seeing les mis, and by the look on my dad's face, i may have been a tad over excited by the snow-but-more-like-thick-water that had begun to fall. 
i made myself get up and wash my hair this morning before i ventured out, jake in tow. there's nothing more fun than throwing snowballs for my perpetual pup and watching him eat through the snow trying to find the ball that disintegrated as it flew through the air. 
after about 20 minutes, i noticed my hair had frozen as it hadn't completely dried so we headed inside and after drying jake off, we snuggled up on the couch wrapped in blankets - honestly, nothing is cuter than a cold pup wrapped up in a stripy blanket - and my hair thawed out pretty fast, thankfully. 
i hope you are all enjoy the nationwide snow day we seem to be having - if you're in the uk - and if not, i hope your friday is as snowy as ours!! 

are you a snow angel, or a snow scrooge? 


  1. Your dog is adorable, aw! It's my dogs first winter and I don't think he's too sure about the snow haha.

    1. my dog's never sure about it at first either, but ones he gets out in it, he's in seventh heaven! :)