"hi, my name is..."

posted on: Tuesday, 8 January 2013

something i've always been interested in since i can remember is names. i just love them. i love seeing people who are completely different suit the exact same name, or discover unusual names that just roll off the tongue. my favourite thing to do when i played on the sims was coming up with names for the members of the family, deciding which names complimented each other when naming offspring and matching up a couple's names so they fit just right.
one thing i've done for many years, is keep a list of names i really like simply because i like reading them. if i hear someone's named being called and like it, i'll add it to the list i keep on my phone. i like how they look. if it looks odd when it's written with the first letter capital, but looks really nice when it's written all lower case, i won't love it as much. sometimes i'll go to add a name and see a name i no longer like, so i'll delete it. i think they're pleasing to the eye and it's so interesting to see how tastes in names change.
i've always been good at remembering people's names, and i think that my interest in names in general really is the reason. i like to see how people make a name theirs, how someone who looks like a 'evan' at first glance, turns out to be a 'henry' but ends up suiting the name 'henry' way more than he ever would suit the name 'evan'.

do you have any odd interests?


  1. This is interesting! I do have a few odd interests, but the oddest of the bunch is probably teeth collecting! xx


    1. oh, wow! i have all my teeth that my mum/the tooth fairy saved, but i've never thought about collecting them. do you collect animal teeth or just every type?

  2. I'm actually exactly the same!
    I love looking at people and try to guess their name. Or when they do tell me their name and I'm completely surprised.
    Also when an actress suits their character's name more than their own, or is that just me?

    I'm also quite odd about people's birthday's. It's one of the first things I ask people about and it's one of the last things I'll ever forget about them.
    Lovely post!

    1. i'm not alone!! :') i'm completely the same with actors/characters - most of the time i end up calling them their character name because it's just WHO THEY ARE!
      i'm quite good at birthday's too, i'm always surprised when people can't remember birthdays - especially their own family's, it does happen every year after all.
      thank you :)