NEW // bits of my bedroom.

posted on: Tuesday, 28 January 2014

my bedroom is finally coming together and i'm slowly but surely getting things on the walls. i really want to keep it simple and i'm trying to avoid clutter and mess. i still have the muuto e27 light on my wishlist, along with a corkboard map of the world so i can dream about all the places i want to visit. it's starting to really feel like home and i'm getting used to the creaks and bumps - let's not mention the time i thought someone was in the house so i got in the car in my pyjamas and drove around until my dad got there.
on a completely different note, i made a tumblr specifically for my photography. i prefer it so much more than flickr & viewbug, i've never really got into either of those. it would be lovely if you followed/reblogged/liked it if you enjoy my "work". it'd be great to be able to ~make it~ in an artistic job, i'm never going to be someone with a "normal" job.


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