N E W // 01

posted on: Wednesday, 1 January 2014

first of all, happy new year! i find it crazy that it's 2014; i'm going to be twenty this year!
just before christmas, i took a few photographs of the house before we did anything to it. this was handover day. it was a bit of a standstill over christmas, but we got an alarm fitted and finally have started laying the flooring - i forced my parents to go to ikea in manchester to get the floor as it was taking too long to come into our local store.
once christmas week was over, i just wanted to get in & make it home, but of course the floor has to be down. i bought some fabric to hang up at the front window until the blinds have been made.
next week i'll share what i've bought/what's on my wishlist for the living room.

let's do this, twenty fourteen!!


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