N E W // 02

posted on: Wednesday, 15 January 2014

everything seems to have happened so quickly and at my disbelief i am already living at the house permanently and only need a few more things to make it complete.
i moved in over the weekend as the floors were laid about a week faster than we thought they would be - good workmen for you - and they put my bed up too. over the next few days my parents and i put up the rest of the ikea furniture, bar two wardrobes and a chest of drawers, then came ordering the big things; a fridge & washing machine. i ordered them on saturday night and they were delivered on monday afternoon. the thing that i'm missing the most (and should have set up by the time you're reading this) is internet. the men came out on thursday to hook up the phone line (which i'm only going to be using for internet), and me not realising, thought they would be hooking up the internet and i'd be catching up with sherlock by thursday evening, but alas, after rereading the letter, the internet didn't go live until today, leaving me to survive on a 3 pebble. an upside of this all is that i've read my first book of 2014 and have started book two.
the stair carpet was laid on thursday, which was a relief! no more sawdust/dirt on my socks/feet/nice white floors! it meant i could lay my long awaited rug, the stockholm from ikea that i was coveting for a good two years.
i'm planning another ikea trip in the very near future with my friend; i have a £50 ikea voucher to spend (thanks, wardrobes & beds!) and the in-app list is burning a hole in my pocket. i'm planning to get some shelves for the living room and mine & my housemate's rooms and a desk for myself.
i'll be sharing the kitchen moodboard on wednesday, even though it's now done, i still want to share what i was working from.
this series is looking to be a lot shorter than i had thought! i may have to turn it into something else if it dries up before december!


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