write it out.

posted on: Monday, 20 January 2014

one thing i really want to do this year is keep a journal. a physical, hand scrawled journal. raw and ugly and honest. full of what goes through my head in an attempt to get it out in some way rather than having it swirl around it there with no way of getting out.
over the past few years i have noticed how i've closed into myself and have stopped speaking about things that i'm thinking about, views i have, and i find it incredibly hard to talk to people without feeling stupid & worthless.
it means that i'll have a light hearted conversation with someone i've known for a couple of weeks - i can't guarantee you'll get anything out of me when i first meet people - but if you want to have a deep conversation and know what's going on in my head, you're going to have to knock down a few walls. walls i haven't put up, walls i wish i could break down myself, but the walls are there nonetheless.
i don't want to aim for how often i write in my journal. i want it to be free, not forced, i want it to be honest, i want to be able to read it in a few years time and be shocked at how much i've changed.

well, little white moleskine. let's do this.


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