posted on: Friday, 10 January 2014


i was going to use this image as my 'ten' for the 365 project, but i just love it so much. it may not be the best photograph i've ever taken, but it's definitely the best photograph i've ever edited and dare i say it, it's my personal favourite.
i hate to boast and never feel worthy to appreciate/like my own work but i'm just so proud as to how this turned out. i'm trying to focus on the fact that my photography should be what i love and what i'm passionate about, opposed to what others think about my work, but it's hard when people don't always get it & think your work is 'boring' or 'nothing is happening'.
i might say i am falling in love with photoshop and definitely see a purchase in the future (which may even result in a vsco purchase too!!!)

be proud of what you create. don't be afraid to say 'i love how this turned out and i'm proud i was able to do it' because someone will appreciate it. maybe not in this year, or this century, maybe it won't be anyone in your family or friendship group, but someone will, and even if you never know, at least it was appreciated by you.


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