silver anchor

posted on: Thursday, 4 July 2013

i have been really unhappy with my blog name for a while now and although it may sound like a ridiculous excuse, it has really kept me from being motivated to blog. for the past few weeks i have been brainstorming a few ideas for a new blog name and have come up with something with a lot of meaning rather than pulling at strings.

so, from july 5th, the rosy freckle will be silver anchor. i don't want you to feel like i am drowning you in bible talk when i tell you the meaning, but i just want you all to know me better and maybe more personally than you do.

i chose silver anchor because of two reasons. the first is very short, very shallow. i like silver. i like monochrome, i like grey, simple. the reason i chose anchor is because of the connotation it has with my faith. in hebrews 6:17, the hope that comes from christ is referred to as 'an anchor' and over the past few months, i have really found comfort in the knowledge that, with my hope fully in god, i no longer have to worry (a huge problem for me); all my needs will be met, i always have his protection and through jesus christ, i have eternal life. i try everyday to be faithful, loving and hopeful and because of that, i feel a sense of peace that i believe only comes from god.

i know it is a very long winded explanation and i have probably put more thought into this than i should have, but a lack of inspiration really is all you need to kill off a blog. i hope now that i will be inspired to create and share on this blog and i hope you will keep reading and sharing with me.



p.s - happy 4th of july to any american readers!! you know how to work independence!



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