posted on: Tuesday, 16 July 2013

there is nothing i love more than a good old fashioned letter arriving on your doorstep. there is just something about it that cannot compare to instant messaging or social media. yes, both of those allow you to connect with anyone in the world, but handwriting a letter is something so delicate, so sincere that it really can't lose it's touch. i have never had a pen pal, and can never remember writing a letter to anyone aside from santa claus. and apart from postcards from holidaying family and friends, i have never received a letter.
despite this, i have always wanted a pen pal, someone in a different country, a different city even, to write to, on paper, with a pen, in my scruffy handwriting. and for 18 years, it didn't happen. but this year, one of my lovely friends from church has gone to america to be a camp medical helper, and we agreed to be pen pals. i have tried to not talk to her over facebook, as i love the idea of letters being the only way of communication. so far, i have received two letters from her, and this morning i sat down with my air mail paper and envelope and wrote to her. the main theme of our letter, is of course, our faith. and it was so lovely to read and write about Him and be truly thankful for Him.
i am planning to send the letter off today and can't wait for her to receive it. i am loving having a pen pal and may even suggest that when she returns we should only communicate through letters!

have you ever had a pen pal? 


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