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posted on: Wednesday, 10 July 2013

i went shopping yesterday and picked up (quite a few) things. i thought i would show you some of my favourite things.
originally, i bought the classic white converse, but when i saw these all white ones, i was smitten and ended up taking the original white ones back and bought these. swoon.
h&m is my danger-zone. i tried on loads of things, but limited myself to five items. i only bought four, so i'm proud of myself.
i went into lush for the first time since it moved down to the bigger store. i don't think i've ever had a bad experience in lush - the staff are lovely and the stock is maybe even a bit more. i was served by the nicest, chattiest lady - she was great at selling! i could learn something from her!! - and she helped me pick out a face mask and some shampoo. i also couldn't help but take home the little bee fellow - he is just too cute!!!
& finally, i was going to go to the yankee candle shop and get one of there candles, but after slipping into utility (does that sound as weird as it does in my head? i feel like i'm personifying jelly) i sniffed this candle and was sold - it's not what i would normally go for at all, but it's so refreshing and lovely!

hope you're all enjoying the sun! 


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