posted on: Tuesday, 23 July 2013

this saturday, i will be leaving for a week of camping in mablethorpe along with 35/40 members of my church. and - as with any holiday - i have begun the countdown and started on the mounds of lists that i write, edit and rewrite up to departure day.
so far, i have made a packing list detailing all the clothes, cosmetics and necessities i need to take including things like my tent, a chair and a hoodie. i have also made a list of events and seminars that look like they will be interesting so that i know when they are during the week.
i find making lists helps me keep calm when preparing for a holiday, as i know that i won't forget anything important and it makes packing so much easier.


  1. Lists are my life and the only way I can stay organised, I hope you have fun camping! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award !

  2. Camping, how exciting! Can't wait to hear more about it, also so happy I found your blog again! I knew you had changed your url (i changed mine as well) but I was typing it without the dash! It brings up some private blog, I thought your blog was gone and I was sad. Now I am happy!

    1. oh i know! it's so annoying!! i thought silveranchor was free and then i went to change it and it was taken :| glad you found it again!!!