posted on: Saturday, 1 February 2014

twenty five // trip to the seaside for assignment images. it was so windy i could lean into the wind and it held me up, my hat blew off my head & my mascara ran off with the water streaming from my eyes, hawt.
twenty six // my mum is so beautiful.
twenty seven // books, books, books. my house felt so empty & bare without my books. i still have so many at my parent's, but i have most (including my HP series) of my favourites with me. yay!
twenty eight // i finally saw city & colour after years of just missing him and dang it was amazing. dallas green is something else.
twenty nine // managed to hand my assignment in on time without stressing/getting anxious/panicking for the first time. it's progress.
thirty // constantly changing what's on my shelf & how it's arranged. i don't think i'll ever be happy.
thirty one // i've either forgotten how to take a decent photograph, my camera hates me, or it's so outdated it's refusing to take a picture in focus. i'm hoping it's option three.

happy february, everyone!


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