posted on: Saturday, 22 February 2014

forty five // it took me twenty minutes and an hour in between to put my quilt cover on. i will never understand why it's so hard to make a bed.
forty six // helping with sunday school & coming away with a homemade (churchmade?) bracelet; "GAWWP: God Answers When We Pray"
forty seven // my plant collection is building up. i'm trying to add colour but i definitely think i'm more of a green fan when it comes to plants.
forty eight // it reminds me of something off harry potter. the exposed bulb is my favourite part of this plant.
forty nine // i actually really like my room with bare walls. wanting to purge and only own what i need is something i'm wanting more & i'm embracing it. maybe it's boring, but it makes me feel calm.
fifty // this week has been really bad & it's a bit of a shock as i haven't been that bad in a long time. i haven't left the house since tuesday so my shoes have been unworn this week.
fifty one // i get to dogsit my puppy this weekend and i'm so glad it was this weekend. i was really missing him this week and we've had lots of snuggles to make ourselves feel better.


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