posted on: Saturday, 8 February 2014

thirty two // i'm starting to think of lie ins as major day wasters. does that mean i'm getting old? please, no.
thirty three // daffodils & white tulips; two of my favourites. note to self, daffodils will make your tulips wither & die.
thirty four // i love mail days, especially when they come with pretty little trinket boxes.
thirty five // "borrowed" an aloe plant from my mum's collection at home. it's now differing between my string shelf & the windowsill in the kitchen.
thirty six // my favourite dog. he never lets me take pictures of him anymore, it's like he's become a teenager, so i was so happy when he let me get a few snaps of him all sleepy on the couch on my phone & my big camera. he is a stud.
thirty seven // i haven't woken up until i've had my coffee.
thirty eight // i love this quote from william morris. i hate clutter and constantly want to purge, so this is a great reminder not to let it get on top of me. you can get a poster here.


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