b r a n d c r u s h : byredo.

posted on: Thursday, 21 November 2013

gypsy water
bal d'afrique
seven veils
peyote poem
whenever i smell gypsy water by byredo, i think of my mum. it makes me feel warm and fuzzy and safe and loved. i love that smells can do that, that they can evoke emotions and memories. it wasn't until last year that i really appreciated the perfume and over the past few months i have been swooning over byredo's scents, frangrance names (so important), and design; oh my golly gosh their design just makes me sigh with happiness. i'm a sucker for graphics, and byredo sucked me in. 
one day, i want to have my own byredo scent; a scent that doesn't have a name to the most important people in my life, a scent that is just an overflow of memories and happy feelings. i think byredo is a brand that can encapsulate you in a scent, a scent that comes at the perfect time and it's not one to be rushed. 


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