smells like.

posted on: Monday, 8 April 2013

as soon as i smell certain things, i am transported back to childhood memories, events or people. most recently, the scent of my mum's perfume fills me with happiness and comfort and reminds me of half-awake dream like hugs. a non-immediate memory the scent fills me with is a trip to london to see a band in a competition and the starbucks across the road from the tube station. 

not only does this perfume smell like my mum and make me feel happy, the design of the bottle just fills my minimalist loving self with joy. there's nothing i love more than a simple container, with a simple label, and boy, byredo have got it right. 

i'd love to smell their other scents, as i'd love to own a bottle like this that holds a perfume that is so pleasing, just not my mum's scent. 


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