posted on: Tuesday, 16 April 2013

i know it's the middle of april, and it's rare that i stick to plans like these (remember february on film?) but over the past month i have found myself forgetting about certain things and not focusing on important things.
for the rest of the month (and the foreseeable future) i am going to make a concerted effort to do these things.

read my bible more - i always feel so much better when i take half an hour and sit and read my bible and focus on nothing but god. i've had little time to do that over the past few weeks and i feel differently. i want to make time to spend time alone with my bible and in prayer. i need it.
take more pictures - i seem to be taking less and less photos. i suppose it's because i'm either at home or at work and after a while they get pretty repetitive. i really want to visit the world museum in liverpool, they have some great exhibits on at the minute. hopefully that will give me a reason to take out my camera more.
blog at least 3 times a week - ok, i'm planning on getting a more realistic blogging schedule going. hopefully, i'll be sharing more on therosyfreckle as spring is here and i want to spend more and more time outside and doing things. i'm thinking maybe monday, wednesday, friday, or monday, tuesday, thursday? i'm not sure yet. let me know when you prefer reading blogs!
be more daring with make up - says it all, really. i just want to do more than mascara, but not too ott, lets keep it real, guys!
make an effort to see friends - most of my friends aren't from liverpool, as they're at university here, so when a holiday comes around (easter, christmas) they disappear for weeks and i forget what it's like to socialise. i also forget that they might want to hear from me while they're away, i know i think about texting them and then change my mind because they're probably too busy with stuff. anyway! now that they're trickling back, i'm going to make an effort to see them for lunch or coffee.
make note of work hours - i've found that it's going to be really important that i make a note of how many hours i work, as the first payslip was a bit off for everyone. it'll also be good to know my average working hours per month etc.

 i'm so glad to be back blogging again. i've missed the blogging community and would love it if you read my blog, to leave the link to yours (if you have one) below, so i can read yours! 


  1. I should most probably read my bible a little more as well; it's never to late to set a list of aims! Good Luck with them all!

  2. I want to take more photos too as it is something I love but I never really get a chance. Its lovely to see you blogging more because I love your blog. x