in the frizz bizz.

posted on: Tuesday, 23 April 2013

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ok, so maybe there is no romance for my frizz to ruin, but nonetheless, it is incredibly annoying. no matter how much conditioner i put in or how long for, my curly frizz loving locks rebel and refuse to wholeheartedly cooperate. 
now, it can't be just me, can it? the awful frizzy bits of my hair keep me on edge and i'm constantly worried about whether it is unashamedly obvious to everyone else that my hair is a massive frizz ball.
i have to admit though, getting it cut a few weeks ago has helped. the frizz is no longer a "you should really get a haircut" frizz, rather a "you obviously straightened your hair everyday for six years and now it is starting to come back to life" frizz. 

what is your hair like? do you have any life saving remedies for my dry, frizzy hair? 


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