a decade late.

posted on: Thursday, 18 April 2013

to the dawson's creek party that is. i have been consciously making an effort to use my netflix account more and not just watch movies. i started with portlandia (which i loved) and now they've put up three seasons of dawson's creek. i was only four/five when it originally aired so completely missed that train. now that it's on netflix, i'm really getting into and i'm hoping that they put the rest of the seasons up (one of my pet hates about netflix - they never seem to put up complete series).

another thing you may (probably haven't) noticed is that i now own an ipad!!! i've been looking at buying one for over a year now and yesterday i just took the plunge and bought one! so, as a newbie ipad owner, i'd love some app recommendations - games, ipad only apps, anything you love.

i hope you are all doing well - i seem to be coming down with tonsillitis. but alas - the show must go on! 


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