N E W // a series.

posted on: Thursday, 19 December 2013

as of friday, i will officially be moving out. i am moving out for the very first time into a brand new, unfurnished home and i am so unbelievably excited. i have always wanted to be able to design my own house for the longest time and i have a clean slate to do that with.
i really want to try and keep it as simple as i can, and i think i'll be able to as i'm on a tight budget. the space isn't huge, but it's just me & a housemate. i'm so excited to share the journey starting in the new year with a 'N E W' series.
i am going to be taking tons of before and progress pictures of the whole thing, but for now i will leave you with a quick iphone snap from monday.


  1. How exciting! I'm a little jealous I have to say...I'm pretty keen to move out soon and the idea of having a lovely blank canvas of a home is so exciting to me! Best of luck. X

    1. thank you! hopefully you can live vicariously through me until it becomes a reality for you!