christmas wishlist.

posted on: Friday, 6 December 2013

if you're having a hard time deciding on things to get for the people you love this year, take a look at the things i've been pinning on my christmas board on pintrest. i know i'd be so grateful if i received any of these presents, and hopefully someone you know would, too. 

one: make your own banner £12.95// two: back to the wild £21.44 (incl dvd) // three: pillow cases £42.76 each // four: tobacco & patchouli candle £19.99 // five: poster £9.17-£16.54 (free shipping worldwide thru sunday) // six: joy division vinyl £9.36 // seven: paramore vinyl £23.88 // eight: imogene & willie candle £33.63 // nine: multi-use towel £45.28 // ten: cardboard stag head £25 // eleven: tartan scarf £18 // twelve: paramore sweater £24.50 // thirteen: kanken laptop bag £80


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