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posted on: Saturday, 22 June 2013

i know it may sound vain, but it really bugs me when my instagram pictures don't have a white background. yeah, nothing worth complaining about, right? but for me, i like my pictures clean, simple, focused on the subject rather than the background. i've been through that floral background stage, i've had by everything-busy fad, and now i'm always longing for fresh, white, uncluttered spaces.

if you read my last post, you know i bought a calligraphy pen and ink last week, and all week i have been practising away on my bed perfectly content until i spilt ink on my bedding. major oops. it made me realise i needed a desk - somewhere to draw, to write, to read. somewhere separate from my bed. somewhere to purposefully be productive. so, on friday, i dragged my dad to ikea (after lunch at m&s - they have like 100 eames chairs in the cafe and i was dying for the whole hour we were there. they are so pretty) and purchased a little white desk and black chair.

it is perfect and just what i need. it's small enough to fit into a small corner of my room without overcrowding it too much - i'm hoping to get rid of the tv sometime soon - and i already feel more creative and inspired (as you can probably tell from this like, actual blog post! - can a desk really do that to you?). it is going to be my blogging corner, my drawing corner, my calligraphy corner, my bible study corner and it's also a perfect background for all the instagrams i could dream of!!

what inspires you? 

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