spring decisions.

posted on: Wednesday, 8 May 2013

for quite a while, i've wanted to make a terrarium, and this weekend i am planning to make a trip to the garden centre to buy some succulents and cacti and make one with my mum. 

another exciting event coming up (exciting for me anyway) is phone upgrade day! next tuesday, i can upgrade from my iphone 4s. for so long i've not even thought about what phone i would upgrade to - i just assumed i would get the latest iphone, but for the past week or so, i've been thinking more and more about getting the samsung galaxy s4. i know that they are pretty much the same, but the fact that the camera on the samsung is 13 megapixels just makes me really covet it. the only thing that makes me want to get the iphone 5 over the samsung is that i wouldn't be able to get my favourite photo editing apps. although that isn't the end of the world, i don't know of any good android photo editing apps. 

do you have an apple or an android? what android apps do you rate? should i even get the s4?  i need help!!!


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