new tricks.

posted on: Thursday, 9 May 2013

last night/ this morning, i decided that i wanted to make some iced coffee. i had always had the assumption that making iced coffee was really hard and you had to be skilled in the art of coffee to be able to do it. thankfully, that is a complete lie, and as long as you have patience, you can make iced coffee at home. i used this recipe and think it worked really well. i did alter the measurements - i only made a quarter of the amount. 
simply, you measure out your desired amount of coffee grounds and then use 10x (more than likely that is untrue) the measurement of cold water. make sure all of the grounds have been covered by the water (there will be a thick "film" over the top) and then cover the bowl/contanier (i used a tea towel) and leave overnight (8 hours) then use a sieve and cheesecloth (i didn't have any so used a new dishcloth, classy). transfer your coffee into a jug/pitcher whatever you want and then put in the fridge so you have  iced coffee at your finger tips. 
i have mine half coffee half milk with a dash of syrup (vanilla or hazelnut) and sheesh it's great to have iced coffee in your fridge. 

what's your favourite money saving recipe to make at home? 


  1. That looks delicious, I've never actually had and ice coffee, I really want to try it though. I love to making brownies at home, some much cheaper than buying in store. This is random, but the website that you've linked for the iced coffee, The Pioneer Woman, I've read one oh her books and it was great!